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Ubuntu 12.04 Graylog2 Installation

14 minute read

I recently wanted to check out Graylog2  for gathering syslog messages because I have heard good things about it. Well the issue was that I was not able to f...

Slow Transfer Through Cisco ASA

1 minute read

I recently ran into this issue in which transferring files through a Cisco ASA Firewall was extremely slow only in one direction. The transfer would run betw...

SSO Server Unavailable Using Web UI

1 minute read

I just ran into this issue. Tried to login to vSphere 5.1 web ui and received the “SSO Server Unavailable”. I tried restarting the vCenter Single Sign On ser...

Get The OpenStack Operations Guide

less than 1 minute read

Download the Openstack Operations guide from here. I plan on reading through this whole PDF soon. Good stuff.