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Ubuntu 20.04 - cloud-init Gotchas

1 minute read

Recently while working on my latest Packer Templates I ran into an issue with Ubuntu 20.04. The issue was related to cloud-init not being able to grow the ro...

CFD7 - VMware TKG

5 minute read

Recently I had the pleasure to attend #CFD7 in which VMware presented VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid. Our friend, Kendrick Coleman did a great job presenting T...

Updating Git Project Structure

12 minute read

As of late, I have been working on putting together a Cookiecutter template to use as part of creating new Ansible roles.

CFD6 - Hashicorp

4 minute read

Recently while attending Cloud Field Day 6, one of the companies presenting just so happened to be Hashicorp. Now Hashicorp is one of my personal favorite co...