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Ansible - Clean Formatted Playbooks

5 minute read

While going through and doing some cleanup to various different roles and playbooks in my Ansible collection I wanted to share what I feel is good clean form...

Ansible - Debian Based Gotchas - Part-1

4 minute read

As I am currently running through some Docker setups between Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty using Ansible I ran into a few gotchas. Now I would have assumed...

Ansible - Discover and Backup PowerDNS

6 minute read

While working on a solution that requires PowerDNS, I have come to a point in which I would like to include backup and recovery options for this solution. So...

Packer - Vagrant - Ansible - Windows

6 minute read

While doing some Packer builds for Windows Server 2012 R2 to be used with Vagrant in order to do some Ansible learning I stumbled across this issue.