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While attending Tech Field Day 10 a little over a week ago one of the presenters was Diablo Technologies and they spoke about their product Memory1. I found this product to be rather interesting and is very much a new market being tapped into. After some great conversation (debates) and getting a better understanding that this is volatile memory (DRAM) but using flash memory and is NOT storage :). It became clear that the idea behind this product is that you can use Memory1 in place of purchasing actual expensive DRAM for your servers (assuming that the BIOS supports their product). They claim that you can save anywhere between 30-40% of the cost of DRAM. So what does this mean actually? Take for instance large memory intensive workloads (Redis, Memcache, RabittMQ, Apache Spark, and other no-SQL) you can leverage the reduced cost of using Memory1 to stack these servers full of memory capacity. Or maybe you want to load up some bare-metal servers to run Docker containers on at a fraction of the cost it would be to purchase expensive DRAM. The options could be very wide open however and depending on the use-case. They do claim that the performance is not that of DRAM but is it good-enough (their motto). With this said you could argue one way or the other on whether the speed is fast enough for your workloads but chances are it COULD be good-enough. I am actually very interested in seeing where this product goes and what other vendors bring to the market based on that this is a new un-tapped market.

Below is an image (taken from their website) which shows what Memory1 looks like.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 2.47.56PM

And below are the #TFD10 presentations for your viewing.

Diablo Technologies Introduction and Overview

Diablo Technologies Memory1 Performance Benchmarking

Diablo Technologies Memory1 Large Scale Spark Deployments

Diablo Technologies Memory1 Advanced Media Management

Disclaimer: All meals, travel and entertainment was provided by Gestalt IT. However Gestalt IT nor the Vendor have provided any type of compensation to write-up any portion of this article. The information contained within this article are solely my views and take aways.*


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