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Tech Field Day - #VFD4 Experience

2 minute read

Last week I had the honor of being a delegate for Tech Field VFD4 (Virtualization Field Day 4) in Austin, TX. This was my first time ever being a delegate so...

Tech Field Day - VFD4 Live Stream

less than 1 minute read

Tech Field Day #VFD4

less than 1 minute read

Yes, you heard it right. I have been granted the honor to be a delegate at the next Virtualization Field Day in Austin, TX January 14-16, 2015. I am extremel...

HAProxy and MySQL Checks

2 minute read

I wanted to throw this out in case anyone else has a need for such a setup to use L7 for node up/down when load balancing MySQL with HAProxy. All you have to...

Homebrew NAS for vSphere

17 minute read

So for the past 4 years or so I have been running Nexenta 3.x for my lab NAS; which has been working great, but I was at a point of having to rebuild my late...