New Nexenta Server Test - iSCSI - SSD

1 minute read

I just did a quick test using the VMware IO Analyzer using the same tests that I did here. This test was only using iSCSI with SSD for ZIL/SLOG and L2ARC. But the results show a considerable jump in performance which means that apparently the money has been well spent. I also changed the vmdk file size for the IO Analyzer to 50GB this time seeing as the new server has 32GB of RAM. This way it is not caching the data in memory giving us false results.

So here are the results of this test.

OLTP 4K (4K 70% Read 100% Random) – iSCSI

Original Test Results


New Test Results


SQL – 64k (64k 66% Read 100% Random) – iSCSI

Old test results


New test results


Exchange 2007 (8k 55% Read 80% Random) – iSCSI

Old test results


New test results


Webserver (8k 95% Read 75% Random) – iSCSI

Old test results


New test results


As you can see the new server is definitely performing at a much higher rate than the previous server was. I will be doing some additional testing here soon to show the comparison even further to my prior build. So stay tuned for that.



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