ZFS and BTRFS Bitrot Avoidance?

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Have you ever heard of bitrot? Well if not you should head over to here and have a read. I was sent this article by a colleague and I thought it was a very interesting read. Now I have never used BTRFS but I have been using ZFS based storage solutions for about 4 years now in my lab and of course I absolutely love ZFS. This article does a great job outlining the benefits of what he terms “Next-Gen” filesystems leveraging ZFS and BTRFS. I will however take this info and go out and take a look at BTFRS and see what it is all about.

Below is the original article that was sent to me. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/01/bitrot-and-atomic-cows-inside-next-gen-filesystems/



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