Windows 8 Mapped Drives via GPO

1 minute read

So I went ahead and loaded Windows 8 Pro this past weekend. I used it a few times during the preview releases and didn’t care much for it at the time. Well I am starting to like it now. :) I am dual booting Windows 7 and Windows 8 right now just in case I need to go back. So anyways one of the first things I noticed after joining it to the domain was that my mapped drives were no longer there. So I started poking around and apparently there is a known issue with this. My mapped drives on Windows 7 are working fine so I figured it had to be something with Windows 8. Well the issue is a simple fix for now until a permanent solution is provided by Microsoft.

How to fix it? Simple.

Edit your GPO that is setting the mapped drives and uncheck the reconnect box and save. What? Kidding right? Nope. Let the settings replicate, run gpupdate from an elevated cmd prompt, log out and then log back in and there they are. All mapped drives are now back. Apparently the issue has something to do with UAC on Windows 8.



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