vSphere 5.1 Data Protection Appliance

1 minute read

I just installed and configured the new vSphere 5.1 VDP appliance. Very easy installation and integrates well and works very well. But of course I am now looking at the fact that I am capped at 2TB limit and I have some servers that have nearly 16TB of storage. That is a problem of course. From what I have found so far it is possible to run up to 10 VDP appliances per vCenter Server. That is great, but how can I spread the data across appliances. :) Now knowing that the builtin dedupe will help on most cases this still looks like this is the catch to possibly engage EMC to get a full blown version of avamar. :) How nice is that. :) Maybe they will change the 2TB limit going forward? Also I do understand that this is a solution that would be useful for SMB or even a home lab. But even my home lab could outgrow that very quick. :) I am not hating here by any means. I still think this looks like a great solution which is included for us with vSphere 5.1, but it still makes Veeam and PHDVirtual look appealing. But hey this is our choice and this is what makes this stuff interesting. I will however still mess around with the VDP and see how well it works over time.


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