VMworld 2012 Welcome Reception Highlights

1 minute read

I had a great time at the VMworld 2012 Welcome Reception. Talked to several great people and companies. Many Brilliant technologies and ways of the future. I had the privilege to speak with Ashtok Patel from HP on the HP IO Accelerator product. I am definitely going to look into this. This could definitely bring some IO nightmares to a screeching hault in the virtualization world. I also had a great conversation with catbird. They have some interesting technologies that utilize vshield orchestration and allowing for flatter vlans and layer2 networking across datacenters because of PCI audit concerns around spreading a VLAN across multiple sites. This is huge for multi-tennant environments and what I was most interested in was PCI security and reporting for PCI audits. Also had some great discussions with Zenoss for monitoring. As well as with Vkernel, great things in the future and current. I plan on looking into them a lot more and comparing to VCOPS. And as far as backup technologies go I highly recommend looking into PHD Virtual. I plan on doing the same. Licensing per host is huge and plan to do a future comparison of Veeam and PHD Virtual. If you are looking for a great storage solution I highly recommend Nexentastor, an open storage platform. I have used them for the past 2 years and I cannot say enough about them. ZFS filesystem rocks for real. I also had the honor of meeting Scott Lowe crossing the intersection on my way to the event. Great guy and look forward to speaking to him again sometime.


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