Upgrade existing VDS to 5.1 using web ui

less than 1 minute read

Here is a quick walk through on upgrading an existing VDS (Distributed Switch) to version 5.1 from an older version. Upgrading to this new version will give you the following new features. Network health check, rollback and recovery, LACP and more. I would highly recommend upgrading to this latest version. And as you will see below it is very quick and easy.

Log into new web interface and get started.

Once you are logged in here is what you will see.

Click on networking

Right click on dvswitch (Your’s may be named differently) and select “Upgrade Distributed Switch”

Now just click through the next few screens and verify that it says compatible. And Click finish. And make sure it is reports as completed successful over on the right side pane.

And that’s it. Very simple. Now go migrate your management console ports into your VDS and have the comfort of rollback functionality if something goes wrong in the process.


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