Thought of the day 08-16-2012

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Something I have been thinking about for a few years of doing and also using for a POC solution I would be interested in finding out if anyone else has thought of this and/or even tested or implemented. This could be a lot more relevant now than it was before as well. The idea is using an HP P4000 VSA (Virtual San Appliance) to provide iSCSI datastores back to your ESX(i) hosts using LUNS presented via fiber channel either as traditional vmdk’s or by using RDM, and set this up in multiple datacenters to be used as a storage cluster, and the more relevant use now would be vMSC (vSphere Metro Storage Cluster). I know this solution will work for SRM5 already, and I am sure it would be a great solution to use for Metro Clustering too. Especially if the solution was based on 10GB. I would love to hear from anyone on their thoughts or even better if you have done this.


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