TFD14 - NetApp

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NetApp was a presenter at TFD14 which took place in Boston. They showcased their dedication to the Open Source world along with their DevOps related initiatives. Yes, you heard it right. They are not just a storage company. Andrew Sullivan did a great job presenting and walking everyone through their dedication to thePub. thePub is NetApp’s portal (so to say) to many of their Open Source projects and communications.

What I found to be interesting is that they did not spend a lot of time talking about traditional NetApp storage ideologies. But rather focused on how they embrace the, wait for it, DevOps community. Yes, you heard it. They have actually been a big contributor to the OpenStack project for several years, so NetApp’s involvement with Open Source is not something new. NetApp also maintains a fairly active GitHub account.

They did touch on their NetApp Docker Volume Plugin storage driver for containers as well. Now I have not had an opportunity to actually test this out but would be interested in doing so here at some point.

You can checkout this presentation here for a better deep dive into what they are doing.

DISCLAIMER: I have been invited to Tech Field Day 14 by Gestalt IT who paid for travel, hotel, meals and transportation. I did not receive any compensation to attend TFD and I am under no obligation whatsover to write any content related to TFD. The contents of these blog posts represent my personal opinions about the products and solutions presented during TFD14.


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