Tech Field Day #VFD4

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Yes, you heard it right. I have been granted the honor to be a delegate at the next Virtualization Field Day in Austin, TX January 14-16, 2015. I am extremely thrilled and looking forward to this great opportunity as well as being surrounded by 11 other awesome community members that will be present Amit Panchal, Amy Manley, Christopher Kusek, Emad Younis, James Green, Jeff Wilson, Julian Wood, Justin Warren, Marco Broeken, Matt Simons and Mike Preston. What a great group of people to be surrounded by for several days. I always make it a must to watch each Tech Field Day live streamed when the events take place. It is always enjoyable listening to the presentations and having the ability to interact with the delegates over Twitter during the event. Now I will be participating in person and will have to watch the feeds afterwards. :) I know this is going to be a crazy few days of non-stop overloading on the brain but it will be well worth it.

Thanks so much to Stephen Foskett and Tom Hollingsworth for inviting me and also putting on these great events several times per year.

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