Solarwinds Web UI Issues with Google Chrome

1 minute read

So in the past few days, I have witnessed on two different environments when trying to connect to certain components of Solarwinds using Google Chrome you will see the following.


Obviously this is a pain because the page will not display. So after opening the same page using Firefox, you will see the following.


So it appears that the issue is with the SSL cert connecting back into these components. In this case I am trying to view Virtualization Manager maps. So in order to get around this we need to find the IP address of the Virtualization Manager appliance so we can accept the untrusted SSL certificate.

In order to find the Virtualization Manager IP address you can go the settings link at the top of your Solarwinds Web UI page.


Now click on Virtualization settings.


Now click on setup virtualization manager integration.


The IP address for Virtualization manager will be listed as below.


Now go to https://virtualizationmanagerIPorFQDN and select proceed anyway.


You should now see the following.


Now head back to your Solarwinds Web UI and go to Virtualization maps (this example) and you should now be presented with a login window now instead of the very first screenshot in this post.


That’s it…You should be good to go now.



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