StackStorm Series - Intro

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You may or may not have heard of StackStorm previously. If you have not I highly recommend checking them out. StackStorm is classified as Event-Driven Automation. And I feel they sum it up really well with their quote from their website:

StackStorm is a powerful open-source automation platform that wires together all of your apps, services and workflows. It’s extendable, flexible, and built with love for DevOps and ChatOps

Now I have dabbled with StackStorm off and on over the past 2 years but never dedicated a great amount of time into it. Mainly because from what I had identified from the product I always felt it was a strong player into true Event-Driven Automation (as they preach). Now the problem for me was that MOST environments are simply not ready for this. Hell, they barely even leverage true AUTOMATION. But I digress here and we can discuss all of this another time. But back to my original thoughts in regards to StackStorm being a strong player, what I mean is that I saw enough in the product to know that I liked where they were going and knew that there would be a time and a place when to implement the product. And anyone who knows me very well has no doubt heard me on numerous occassions saying “StackStorm would be a perfect solution to do just that!”. And generally you would hear crickets because as I mentioned, “They are not ready”, nor had they ever heard of StackStorm. So this got me thinking that it might be an interesting excercise to put together a series (unknown length) on StackStorm. Beginning with setting up an isolated environment (Vagrant) for testing and continuing on through various scenarios and such. This will be a good excercise for myself to actually learn along with putting the series together. So with that being said, look forward to upcoming posts as the series plays out and hopefully it will be of some benefit to others.


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