Remove Platespin Block Based Drivers

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Remove Platespin Block-Based drivers In order to increase a drive size you must first remove the block-based drivers and reboot. Once rebooted you will be able to increase the capacity of a disk. After doing so you will have to go to the platespin server and remove the workload and then add it back. Below is the link on removing these drivers.

Go here.

The link is not working at this time. So here is what to do.

Download and extract the Devcon.exe from Microsoft KB 311272.

From a command prompt, execute:

devcon stack storage\volume

Below is an example of the output. PsMon will be listed as a upper filter.

Name: Generic volume\
Setup Class: {71A27CDD-812A-11D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F} Volume\
Class upper filters:\
Upper filters:\
Controlling service:\
1 matching device(s) found

Download and extract

Here is the command to run to remove the Platespin tools.

PsMonInstall.exe /inf c:\windows\inf\psmon.inf /uninstall psmon /remove

Now reboot the workload and make sure that each drive does not contain any files like platespin.bitmap.bbvt in the root of the drive. If they do exist delete them.

Now if you need/want to install the Platespin tools manually head over to thislink on how to do that.



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