Nexenta NMS Web Interface Not Responding

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I was just getting ready to swap out a failing drive in my Nexentastor CE NAS and tried to log into the web interface and received “Waiting to establish NMS Connection”. Well I have obviously seen this before so I figured I would ssh to it and see what was going on. Well not so promising at first! :)

After a long delay after entering username/password to login here is what I was seeing.

Screen Shot 2013-08-02 at 7.07.34 PM

OK great! Anyways this is actually quite simple and no reboot is required. After all this is not Windows! :)

At the command prompt enter the following commands

svcadm disable -st nms\:default
svcadm enable -rs nms\:default

After the second command completes you should be able to get back into your web interface. Once you can get back into the web interface type exit on on your console session to get back to the nmc.

All done.



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