My Home Lab NexentaStor CE NAS

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Just wanted to post some of these pics real quick. I took them over a year ago I think. Just wanted to show it. It has 12TB of usable storage. One ZPool with 7 mirrored vDev’s and 1 hot spare. Dual-Core AMD, 16GB of memory, 2 Supermicro SAS controller’s with sata fanouts for a total of 8 drives per controller. Each mirror pair spreads across each controller. 2 Intel 1GBe NICS configured bundled and configured for LACP. 3 5-bay SuperMicro Hot Swap drive cages. I use it for NFS and iSCSI testing. You can read more about it and some of the configuration setup here. I highly recommend checking it out. You can run it as a VM too for a VSA, but the last I checked vmxnet-3 drivers are not supported.


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