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I have been working on a ton of things lately without many posts. One big reason for this is that I have been working a lot with Openstack. This has been consuming a lot of my time lately trying to get my head around this wonderful beast. So much to learn and where to start is the biggest issue I have found so far. I have also began my journey to VCDX as of Monday this week. I have put off VMware certs for a long time and have finally decided to get busy on them. So I am currently taking the VMware 5.1 Fast Track to go ahead and take my VCP exam and then continue on my journey. :) I know, About Time I hear! On top of all of that dealing with some HP Flex-10 issues possibly related to firmware but to be fair the firmware has not been updated in quite some time. I am thinking the issue is smartlink or firmware of the Emulex cards potentially as well. I have also been messing with the following Hyperic (Monitoring) and VMturbo. So stay tuned as I will have a lot of new posts coming soon.


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