HP P4000 Storage issue for Monday

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Here is what I have woken up to for today. This is the first time I have seen this. I rebooted the node to see if it would revive the missing disks, but no go. Waiting for HP support to help investigate. I will update this post with the details and what the root cause and solution is. All I can say is good thing I have a working FOM (Failover Manager) otherwise the quorum would be offline and I would have a complete outage.


UPDATE (02-18-2013)

It was a failed cache module and it ended up corrupting the cache on the Node. Module was replaced and the the cache file had to be deleted. Good job HP support.

Update (02-19-2013)

Woke up to the same issue again today. Apparently what was fixed did not resolve the issue.

Update (02-20-2013)

The storage node is now completely dead, just in a continuous reboot.

Update (02-20-2013)

Ended up having the motherboard swapped out and it is now back to normal for 2 days now.


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