Ansible - Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster

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Recently I started working on a little project which involved building a Kubernetes cluster using Raspberry Pi’s. I published this project on GitHub under ansible-rpi-k8s-cluster for anyone who may be interested in this. Basically the foundation of this project was to build a small cluster to do some testing and etc. This post is not to go into the details of that project because the GitHub repo contains all of the down and dirty details. Obviously I wanted this solution to be automated therefore I could ensure that it was repeatable and predictable. I have been now using this solution for a few months and have not had any issues thus far. However, I am anticipating some issues when I attempt to upgrade to the latest version of Kubernetes. And of course I will be publishing a post when going through the upgrade here very soon.

And most of all, if you have not checked out the GitHub repo above around this project, I highly recommend checking it out. And I would love some feedback.


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