New Journey Begins

2 minute read

As many of you know, a little over 3 weeks ago, I began my search for a new career opportunity. Things always happen for a reason and I fully embraced, with excitement, the search for my new workplace to call home. This was definitely a time for me to really sit down and focus on what my priorities and goals were in my search. I wanted to take my time and explore every opportunity which presented itself to me. With an open mind and eyes, I began my search, after a few days of updating my resume and preparing myself for what would be coming for an undetermined amount of time. And within just a few short days, I actually was presented with what I felt was my dream job, but it seemed too good and too soon to be true. On the other hand, I did not want to pass up on this opportunity, so I fully engaged in the process with the company and it still seemed too good to be true. I kept thinking, how could I have this plan with intentions to take my time searching and finding my dream job, and this opportunity seemed like the perfect choice. So, I continued with more conversations and research, into additional companies and opportunities. I remained persistent in my goals and had my plan together, which usually included several interviews per day and several job submissions per night. However, as I continued on this journey all things continued to point me back to the opportunity which seemed to be too good to be true.

So with this and great pleasure, I am announcing that I am joining Verizon Telematics as a DevOps Engineer. We will be doing some amazing things around micro-services and so much more. So do expect to see some pretty amazing posts coming in the future. We will definitely be implementing some bleeding-edge solutions. And I will finally be able to leverage all of the skills that I have gained over the past 2+ years as well as gaining an amazing amount of knowledge going forward.

I also want to thank everyone who reached out to me, put me in contact with someone, and overall shared with me some amazing opportunities available. It is truly amazing how humbling and caring our community is. I can definitely say I always knew how amazing it was but to see it and feel it at this level and first-hand was unreal to me. So thank you very much to everyone!

So let my new journey begin and I look forward to sharing some amazingly great things with all of you in the future.

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