VMware NSX – L2 Bridge Gateway Whiteboarding Session

VMware NSX – L2 Bridge Gateway

I wanted to share this whiteboarding session as my first attempt. I am trying a new platform that I have been wanting to explore and hope it is beneficial. I apologize for the poor quality but will be working on that as well. Also sorry for the umms and all the rambling. 🙂


I hope you enjoy and please leave any comments and feedback.


2 thoughts on “VMware NSX – L2 Bridge Gateway Whiteboarding Session

  1. Very nice whiteboard session Larry, I wish I found it earlier! I just wrote a post about about L2 VPN 6.1 at http://bit.ly/1FXslKY so could have included more considerations 🙂
    Given that from 6.1 you can join VLAN to VXLAN (in any combination) and that you can deploy an ESG without having NSX deployed, would you still go for a L2 Bridge or would you do a L2 VPN ? Your thoughts?
    Thanks & keep it up 😉

    • @Giuliano – Thanks for the great feedback. In regards to your question…I actually backed out of this setup as I had some issues with the setup. Not sure what it was all about but it was crippling some specific VLAN(s) and I have not had the chance to go back and figure out why.

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