vSphere 6.0 Syslog Configuration

vSphere 6.0 Syslog Configuration So in setting up a new ELK Stack from scratch (more on this later) and also standing up the GA release of vSphere 6.0 I had to go through setting up syslog from the hosts once again. Continue reading

ELK Stack Presentation on #vBrownBag

ELK Stack Presentation on #vBrownBag Last week (02-25-2015) I presented on the weekly #vBrownBag about using the ELK Stack. This also included a demo If you are at all interested in the ELK Stack I highly encourage you to check Continue reading

Tech Field Day – #VFD4 – Scale Computing

Tech Field Day – #VFD4 – Scale Computing Scale Computing was the last and final vendor to do a presentation last week at Tech Field Day – VFD4 (Virtualization Field Day 4) in Austin, TX. I really appreciated their style Continue reading

Graylog2 v0.92.4 Install Script

Graylog2 v0.92.4 Install Script This post will only cover a fresh new install of Graylog2. To install Graylog2 v0.92.4 do the following on a Ubuntu 12.x/13.x/14.x server. sudo apt-get install git cd ~ git clone https://github.com/mrlesmithjr/graylog2 chmod +x graylog2/install_graylog2_90_ubuntu.sh sudo Continue reading

Tech Field Day – #VFD4 – Dell FX Architecture

Tech Field Day – #VFD4 – Dell FX Architecture Carol Pflueger, Servers Product Manager, introduces the Dell PowerEdge FX architecture First off I would like say that Carol was top notch on this presentation. As always it is awesome to Continue reading