VMware NSX – L2 Bridge Gateway Whiteboarding Session

VMware NSX – L2 Bridge Gateway I wanted to share this whiteboarding session as my first attempt. I am trying a new platform that I have been wanting to explore and hope it is beneficial. I apologize for the poor Continue reading

PFSense Snort Logstash

I have been working on getting some detailed logging from Snort logs generated through PFSense and thought I would share them. This can also be modified to work with a Snort setup not running on PFSense as well. Can also Continue reading

VMware NSX Firewall Logging with Logstash

So the past day or so I have been working on getting some good detail from my NSX Edge’s (ESG and DLR) and I have been able to get them working very well. The Kibana dashboard looks great too. So Continue reading

Bro-IDS Logstash Parsing

I have spent the past several days working with Bro-IDS and Logstash parsing and wanted to share this with anyone else who may be doing the same and needs some decent parsing. Some pieces of this I have taken from Continue reading

IP Reputation Lookups with Logstash

I had a great question yesterday about how to configure Logstash to integrate IP reputation lookups within Logstash and Kibana without having to copy and paste an IP address and etc. I thought this was a great idea and one that Continue reading


As part of a bigger post coming soon I have been using Suricata IDS and my Logstash server has been getting hammered and unable to keep up (running a single node setup) but finally figured out why this was happening so I Continue reading

Graylog2 v0.90 Install Script

In the past I have been updating the auto install scripts for Graylog2 and updating the original post each time. However here on out I will be creating new posts for each release in hopes of keeping it much cleaner. Continue reading

IPTables Cluster Script

I have been working on some interesting virtualized networking setups (More on this in another post soon) and needed a way to configure IPTables rules on all nodes which are to be considered part of a cluster (HA) setup. What I wanted Continue reading

vCenter 5.5U2 Upgrade on VCSA

So I decided to upgrade my vCenter 5.5U1 VCSA to the latest vCenter 5.5U2 release yesterday and it has been a complete disaster at this point. vCenter continually crashes every few minutes now. I was just poking through logs and Continue reading

VMworld 2014 – It is TIME!!!

The time has finally come for VMworld 2014 – US in San Francisco. I know I am very excited this year as well I am sure everyone else (20k+) is as well. I am looking forward to catching up with Continue reading