Ansible – Elasticsearch Curator Cron

Ansible – Elasticsearch Curator Cron Just wanted to put this together as I was finally just able to get this working with the newest version of curator. The syntax has changed quite a bit for defining jobs. Define your curator_max_keep_days Continue reading

Logstash – VCSA 6.0

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 4.40.36 PM

Logstash – VCSA 6.0 As I have begun upgrading portions of my lab to vSphere 6.x I came across the difference in parsing syslog messages from the new VCSA which was different than previous versions. I was basically getting grokparsefailure Continue reading

Ansible – HAProxy

Ansible РHAProxy In this previous post I setup KeepAliveD using a fictitious tenant using Ansible. In this post I will be building upon that same configuration and creating the HAProxy setup. Below is the vars/tenant_1.yml file that contains the specific Continue reading

Ansible – KeepAliveD

Ansible – KeepAliveD In this post I am creating a fictitious tenant using a vars file which looks like below. /tenant_1.yml — tenant_name: tenant_1 config_forward_rules_allow_spec: false tenant_subnets: – { tenant_subnet: ‘′ } # Web – { tenant_subnet: ‘′ } # Continue reading

Ansible Playbook – GlusterFS – Apache

Ansible – GlusterFS – Apache I wanted to share some of these playbooks for reference to others who may be attempting to do something similar. Overall I am setting up some Ubuntu servers which will be used for different functions Continue reading