Nested Virtualized Datacenters (VDC) using metro stretched cluster

I am currently working on building a 2 datacenter scenario all running under VMware workstation 9. This will include a four node HP P4000 VSA multi-site cluster, four ESXi5 hosts, vCenter, and two PFsense firewalls using openvpn to connect both sites. I am sure I will be adding more as I go through this setup. I plan to build this and have it to take with me on my laptop for demo purposes. I am hoping for the best. 🙂 So far I have the PFsense firewalls working with an openVPN tunnel built and all routing working. The four node HP P4000 VSA multi-site cluster is built and running. 🙂 Ran out of space on my desktop building this, forgot that I was running my desktop on small partition running Ubuntu 12.04, but fixed that issue once I remember I have TB’s of storage available on my NexentaStor NAS, so I just mounted up some NFS storage and moved all of the VM’s I am using for this scenario over to that. I will be adding some load balancers to the mix too and I am debating on testing the vCenter virtual appliance during this too just to see how that goes. Anyways stay tuned as I go through this build-out. And if anyone else has done this that reads this share your thoughts with me.

4 thoughts on “Nested Virtualized Datacenters (VDC) using metro stretched cluster

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