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I now have my HP EliteBook 8570w laptop. This laptop is going to be my mobile lab for demo’s and training. It is an Intel I7 with 32GB of Ram. Going to be a good mobile lab. I am currently building it out with vSphere 5.1 and will be doing all sorts of testing and scenarios. I will also be doing some extensive testing using AutoLab and possibly providing some feedback to the team. If there is anything you may want to see you can comment here or email¬†for more info.

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    • It has been working great. I have only been running nested ESXi inside of VMware workstation on it though for now. I will be attempting to install ESXi on it bare metal though here soon.

  1. We are looking at using 8570w for demo ESxi hosts for our software sales support teams. What drivers did you need to add in to the esxi installer to get it to install?

    • Right now we are just running Windows 7 with VMware Workstation. Running nested ESXi within Workstation. Check out autolab if you have not already. It works really great for setting up a quick testing environment.

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