Ansible Playbook – LVM

Ansible Playbook – LVM

In spending the past few weeks learning a ton about Ansible (after creating 30+ playbooks and roles – Some very complex 🙂  more goodness coming soon ).. One thing I wanted to do with Ansible was to configure LVM on my Linux hosts. After some digging around and testing I came up with this playbook and figured I would share it with others in case they had a need for it as well. So here it is.. Will also be updating and adding a bit more functionality around it as well. All you need to do is tweak some of the variables to fit your requirements.


6 thoughts on “Ansible Playbook – LVM

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  2. Thanks for posting this. One comment, shouldn’t the task:
    creating new LVM logical volume

    have a when clause on it, like:
    when: create and config_lvm

    I got a failure message when trying to resize a volume, that went away when I added this.

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