VMTurbo releases their latest 4.5 version

VMTurbo is a great product in regards to overall health of your virtual environments. Their product assists in identifying where improvements can be made as well as providing a great level of detail of capacity and etc. One of the very cool things is not only does VMTurbo recommend improvements but will also automatically make adjustments to your environment that you specify in your policies. This can include distributing workloads more effectively than standard DRS delivers by default or not only recommendations in regards to rightsizing VMs, but actually making those changes for you if you desire full automation. These are only a few of the feature that they brought to the table in past releases.

With this all being said their latest version goes even beyond what they have delivered previously. I am eagerly awaiting to dig deeper into their latest release which was just released on 01/28/2014. I encourage you as well to go check it out. Head over here to get your trial of the latest VMTurbo release today.

Below are some links you can read up on to get a better idea of what the latest version brings to the table.

Official release info
New 4.5 Operations Manager
New Fabric Control Module
New Storage Control Module
New Hybrid Cloud Page (new hybrid cloud products coming soon!)


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