Shorewall firewall quick install video

Installing shorewall firewall on Ubuntu 12.04 for a simple single network configuration.

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

assumption is that eth0 is your internet facing interface using dhcp
add the following

iface auto eth1
sudo apt-get install shorewall
sudo nano /etc/default/shorewall

change startup=0 to startup=1

sudo nano /etc/shorewall/shorewall.conf


sudo cp /usr/share/doc/shorewall/default-config/* /etc/shorewall/
sudo nano /etc/shorewall/zones
fw firewall
net ipv4
loc ipv4
sudo nano /etc/shorewall/interfaces
net eth0 detect dhcp,routefilter,norfc1918,logmartians,nosmurfs,tcpflags
loc eth1 detect tcpflags
sudo nano /etc/shorewall/policy
net all DROP info
loc all ACCEPT
fw all ACCEPT
# Last Policy rule. Must be last
all all REJECT info
sudo nano /etc/rules

** There are no firewall rules in this as the default rule for the local network is to accept all outgoing traffic.**

sudo nano /etc/shorewall/masq
eth0 eth1
sudo touch /var/log/messages


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