Cacti 0.8.8b Windows Templates Updated

The new version of cacti was released a few weeks ago which is now 0.8.8b. I have exported the templates from this new version and they are available on GitHub. git clone Go here for older versions of Continue reading Cacti 0.8.8b Windows Templates Updated

Cacti Templates for Windows

Here are all of the different versions of my cacti templates. Grab the latest one. ***UPDATE*** All new templates will be updated and current from GitHub. git clone Cacti_SNMP_INFORMANT_STD_W32_Metrics_v5 Cacti_SNMP_INFORMANT_STD_W32_Metrics_v6 Cacti_SNMP_INFORMANT_STD_W32_Metrics_v7 Cacti_SNMP_INFORMANT_STD_W32_Metrics_v8 Cacti_SNMP_INFORMANT_STD_W32_Metrics_v9 Cacti_SNMP_Informant_Standard_Metrics_v10 Cacti_SNMP_Informant_Standard_Metrics_v11 Cacti_SNMP_Informant_Standard_Metrics_v12 Cacti_SNMP_Informant_Standard_Metrics_v13