Ansible – Highly Available ELK Stack

Ansible – Highly Available ELK Stack A little over a year ago I provided installation scripts along with this post to help setup a completely redundant ELK Stack. This post has definitely been one of my most popular posts that Continue reading Ansible – Highly Available ELK Stack

Ansible – Elasticsearch Curator Cron

Ansible – Elasticsearch Curator Cron Just wanted to put this together as I was finally just able to get this working with the newest version of curator. The syntax has changed quite a bit for defining jobs. Define your curator_max_keep_days Continue reading Ansible – Elasticsearch Curator Cron

Graylog2 v0.92.4 Install Script

Graylog2 v0.92.4 Install Script This post will only cover a fresh new install of Graylog2. To install Graylog2 v0.92.4 do the following on a Ubuntu 12.x/13.x/14.x server. sudo apt-get install git cd ~ git clone chmod +x graylog2/ sudo Continue reading Graylog2 v0.92.4 Install Script